September 11, 2016

The Origin of Pink Chicken

A Teaspoon of Home

Finding food that children will eat can be a bit challenging especially when you have picky eaters. I was quite picky (and still am), but this meal is one I will always eat!

Several years ago my mom prepared salmon for a family dinner. Once everyone sat down to eat the grandkids looked at the salmon in disgust and asked what it was. We were all quick on our feet and responded “pink chicken.” Without a second thought, we placed the salmon (pink chicken) on their plates and they ate it up!

A Teaspoon of Home

Ten years later, they still call it pink chicken and it remains to be one of their favorite meals. Sometimes, we have to get creative with naming the food we serve because fish is not appealing to kids, but who wouldn’t like “pink chicken.”

I love this meal because it is simple, but sophisticated. Something that could be served for any age and enjoyed by all.

A Teaspoon of Home

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A Teaspoon of Home

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