November 18, 2016

Friday Faves: Birthday Week

Friday Faves: Birthday Week

Friday Faves: Birthday Week by A Teaspoon of HomeIs it possible to just feel yourself rather than feeling your age? I feel like I’m getting older, but really picture myself as my 28 year old self. I’m me, just living life and enjoying the adventures that come my way. Well, either way, I feel great and am so happy where life has taken me.

We celebrate birthdays all week long at our house. So family dinners, girls nights out and celebrating with my cute little family. Seriously doesn’t get better than that!

I always love birthdays because it’s usually an excuse to get new clothes. But really, it’s important to celebrate and enjoy the moments you get with your family. Whether you are 28 or 108 enjoy your birthday week, spoil yourself and make sure you family spoils you because you deserve it.

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