January 20, 2017

My Friday Faves: Spending Time together

Time together: the greatest gift.

I love my husband more than anything! He is my greatest supporter, cheerleader, friend and knows just what to do to make me smile. He is a great dad and is always so actively involved in our children’s lives. He makes our whole world go round.

That being said, he is the absolute hardest person to please with presents. He is very picky on style and has specific expectations for his wardrobe. This last week was his birthday and I wanted so badly to surprise him with something totally unexpected. He has every other Friday off at work and the Friday before his birthday happened to be one that he had off. I arranged for the kids to stay the weekend with my parents and tried really hard to come up with excuses for everything he wanted to schedule on his day off.

I booked a room at Little America, the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night. I couldn’t control my giggles every time I even thought about spending so much time just with my best friend. It took everything I had to keep the secret from him, so much that I couldn’t tell anyone or I may slip.

I packed the kids and had a bag for myself. I decided that it may be best to give him a little heads up about the getaway. So the night before I had him open a card that explained everything. I was expecting a little shock, smile, anything, but he was like “no kids?” ok. I was a little disappointed by his reaction which also made me a little nervous.

The next day we dropped the kids off at Grammy’s and headed downtown for our staycation. There is nothing Jason enjoys more than shopping, so our first stop was City Creek. We shopped, went to lunch, a movie, shopped some more, went to dinner and dessert. We had a wonderful weekend focusing on each other which sometimes doesn’t happen with the demands of children. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to go everywhere and do everything but we missed our kids like crazy. We had a fabulous night sleep without any child in our bed but both woke up like clockwork at 5 am when our little alarm kids wake us up.

I realized that time together is the greatest gift there is. I loved being able to surprise Jason with a little time together. In the end, he loved the surprise too.

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