February 3, 2017

Friday Faves: SICK KIDS and Super Bowl Food

Friday Faves: SICK KIDS and Super Bowl Food

Friday Faves

Can winter just end already? I feel like just when we are finally getting back into a routine someone gets sick. This week started with my daughter getting croup. An entire night of barking cough and no sleep for anyone. Followed by days of heavy breathing and irrational emotional reactions.

Then just as we think we’ve turned a corner, our son begins the cough. Can someone please assure me that sleep will somehow return into my life again? I guess it’s good prep for baby because we all know that when baby comes sleep quickly disappears. Can you tell I’m a bit deprived?

I think that my daughter is on the mend. She is much more active and getting back on the sleep routine so that’s one down. My son has reached his peak and hopefully should come down soon from his runny nose, coughing flight. As for myself and my husband, we continue to fall asleep the second our kids are in bed and soak in every second until someone wakes up. The funny thing is that someday I will miss these sleepless nights where I can hold and cuddle my little ones and they will need me more than anything. So as hard and challenging as no sleep is, I’m so grateful for the fact that I can be here for them when they need me.

 Favorite Pinterest Super Bowl Foods:

Super Bowl SUNDAYS:

Friday Faves


Jalapeno Popper Dip:

Friday Faves


Buffalo Chicken Dip:

Friday Faves


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