August 21, 2016

Party Time Memories

1928938_8524490642_9813_nI LOVE the 4th of July! It is my absolute favorite holiday but never has there been a year that tops the 4th spent in Seattle with my college friends.


We went to a little neighborhood called Three Tree Point in Seattle where the streets were lined with holiday decor, making me feel like I had stepped onto the set of a fun family film. We had a pancake breakfast, watched a family size parade and sat with the townspeople and recited the pledge of allegiance at a little neighborhood flag ceremony.

Then we spent the afternoon playing lawn games and watched fireworks over the bay as they were launched from barges on the lake. Definitely a weekend to remember.

Well. I’m always good for a party and finding easy party favorite recipes are always on my radar. I was never a big fan of cupcakes because they always seem sloppy and a big waste of time.  I guess I was jaded from a childhood of frosting cupcakes with a knife.

On this holiday extravaganza I was taught to frost them with a piping bag, making them a fancy crowd favorite. This has become one of my favorite party go-to treats because they are simple but stunning. Plus they are always one of the first treats to disappear.

It always seems like summer is party time! I love a good party but I especially love throwing an effortless course that appears like you spent hours prepping. Showers, holiday parties or even just family dinner- this is the meal for you!DSC_0021


Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Mint Lemonade

Summer Berry Salad

Crescent Rolls

Party-size Cupcakes

Microsoft Word - SL 1.docx

Here is the link to your shopping list.

If you don’t need an ingredient simply cross it off your list. I’ve learned to review my cupboards before I go to the grocery store so that I don’t get halfway through the recipe and find out I don’t have an important ingredient and have to pile the kids into the car and go back to the store.



  1. Hey Em…how many sevings does mint lemonade make?

    • says:

      The syrup filled a pitcher but test it before you drink it because I liked less water then the recipe suggested.

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