February 10, 2017

Friday Faves: Musical Preparations and Valentines Pins

Friday Faves: Musical Preparations and Valentines Pins

Springtime is always my favorite! It is filled with a newness of life and attitudes that are contagious. It is also when the little school musical takes place that I direct. For me it is a lot more than just a school musical. It is 6 months of hard work and dedication by over 150 kids and their amazing parents who bring them to school early for the duration of the musical.

It is an experience that changes individuals and the school as a whole. I love watching the power of the arts bring out the very best each student has to offer. No matter their part, each student begins the process with less confidence, energy and social connections. After the musical, the entire cast is united as they have worked hard to make this experience the very best.

I watch shy, introverted children lean on others for confidence and then eventually gain their own through the process. I have students who burst into tears at auditions because singing in front of people is SCARY. Then years later, that same child auditions for a lead and nails it in every way.

Then as a school, I watch each grade level work together to create our various props and scenery. Every student participates in the creation of the musical whether they are performing or not.

This week we are teaching the entire student body a portion of a song that they will actually stand up and dance together, with the cast, on the day that we perform for the school. It is chilling to see and my absolute favorite part of the entire process.

So even though the next three weeks are going to be exhausting, the product will be life changing, at least for those 150 kids on stage.

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Friday Faves by A Teaspoon of Home


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  1. Tiffany Greene says:

    The Penn play is amazing in every way! My little Belle is one of those who cried at the first audition and then went on, years later, to find so much confidence and success on stage! Truly life changing and so so wonderful!

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