October 31, 2016

Lime Cilantro Rice

 Lime Cilantro Rice: is the perfect accent to any Mexican meal.

A Teaspoon of Home

I feel like most Mexican food has a stand out flavor. I hate trying too hard to create sides that go with such a strong tasting main course. Hence the reason I created this lime cilantro rice. I don’t typically mix foods when I eat, but with Mexican food, I am always mixing.

A Teaspoon of Home

Lime Cilantro Rice

Rating: 51


  • 2 c Minute Rice
  • 2 c water
  • 2 T lime juice
  • 1/3 c cilantro, finely cut


  1. Cook rice for 5 minutes.
  2. Add lime and cilantro.
  3. Serve.

This rice takes minutes to make and is perfect to absorb the flavors from your main course. Honestly I just use minute rice. If you haven’t used it, you aren’t living! Two cups water and rice, five minutes in the microwave and you have a side dish. I diced cilantro and squeezed a lime and it was ready to eat!

Try it today for a meal so slick, you’ll be making it everyday!

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A Teaspoon of Home

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