December 30, 2016

Friday Faves: Creating Holiday Cheer

Friday Faves: Holiday cheer, creating gifts and New Year’s Pinterest Finds

I love the holiday season! The food, the sights and the traditions are always fun. We love spending time with our families and making memories with our children.

I honestly don’t think that I ever appreciated the Christmas season more than when I became a mother. There is something so thrilling about sharing the joys of Christmas with children. Not only do I love watching them embrace the thrills of the season, but I love being a part in creating those thrills.

Every year I try to make something handmade for everyone in my family. I grew up with a grandmother who was a creator and everything I own of hers is a treasure. I hope that my family treasures those things I’ve spent time to create for them.

For my husband, I finally took his collection of favorite t-shirts and created a quilt. I didn’t quite finish it because I think he would have wanted it bigger than I could make it with the given t-shirts and he would absolutely notice any missing shirts in his closet. I loved smelling and seeing each shirt and the memories associated with them. I almost need to sit down with him again and have him share the significance of each shirt. I’ve since cut up several of my old shirts to add to the quilt to bind our memories together.

My son has formed a recent obsession with Disneyland. Every day, several times a day he asks to go home. Funny thing is, we are always home when he says it. Finally I asked where “home” is and he responded matter of factly “Disneyland.” So for him, I created/designed a Disney quiet book. I filled it with pages from his favorite shows and characters and tried to add a little feminine twist so his sister could enjoy it too. He loved it, but still asks to go home—I don’t blame him.

For my daughter, I repainted a kitchen cabinet that my great-grandfather made. I used it as a child and loved the idea of sharing it with my own children. I also made a doll quilt that matches her baby quilt. Something simple, but so special for her and her dolls to share.

I think one of the reasons I like creating things for Christmas is because I get to experience a small part of the magic of Christmas. I loved spending time with my family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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