September 4, 2016

Garden Harvest


I love the memory of picking raspberries, strawberries and snap peas from my grandmother’s gardens. I know that most of the harvest didn’t make the dinner table because we snacked in the garden, but loved every minute of it. We would come inside from playing, with scratches all over our bodies from digging for raspberries. I think watching the grandkids enjoy the harvest was even more exciting then the actual harvest.

Is it just me, or do summer dinners consist of garden harvests? I remember growing up loathing the tomato plate that always found its place on our dinner table. My brothers hated baby food soup made from garden squash. Summer meals were always filled with squash, peaches, tomatoes, kale, or other popular crops.

Well, I have created a meal this week that can be made from your garden’s harvest, or if your harvest is sparse you can use canned fruits/vegetables. This maybe one of my favorite meals.



Fresh Tomato Soup

Grilled onions/squash/zucchini

Peach Cobbler

A Teaspoon of home

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