September 30, 2016

Friday Faves: Meet A Teaspoon of Home

Friday Faves: Meet A Teaspoon of Home, preschool, campaigning and the circus.

So I’ve decided to add an extra post on Friday’s. This will introduce you a bit to my little life and family, as well as share some great new recipe finds. I hope it will be a way for me to connect with my readers and serve as a little journal.

A Teaspoon of Home

So my name is Emily Dunnigan and I am A Teaspoon of Home. I am a mother of two busy kids, a one year old and a three year old and love being at home creating memories with them. I was lucky enough to meet my amazing husband almost four years ago. We were set up and fell fast in love. He is the best decision I ever made and I am reminded of that on a daily basis; as he takes such great care of me and my babies.

I waited a long time to meet Mr. Right and so for the decade that I was searching for him I hosted weekly/monthly crepe parties and oodles of dinners and other events. I found that I was happiest when I could create things for others to enjoy. Since becoming a mom I try to do the same for my family. So I decided to create just that, a resource for meal making.

Weekly highlights:

*Sending my 3 year old to preschool for 6 hours this week without tears (from mom or son). I am loving his excitement to learn and be engaged. Plus I am moving mountains, well cleaning floors, ironing, laundry and many other things that haven’t been done in too long.

A Teaspoon of Home

*Campaigning for my father in-law and supporting him at a community event. (Are not my kid’s shirts sooo cute?)

A Teaspoon of Home

*Family trip to the Circus, the greatest show on earth, so fun to hear the oohs and awes from my children as they experience new things.

A Teaspoon of Home

Now here are some of my favorite recipes that I stumbled upon this week.

A Teaspoon of Home




  1. I love reading your blog and the cool ideas I get from your recipes. Keep it up.

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