October 21, 2016

Friday Faves | Keeping Resolutions

This week went by like a flash! I was fortunate to spend some time at dinner with some of my oldest and dearest friends. We try to make an effort to see each other once a month, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We love reminiscing on the past and talking about how crazy our lives are with lots of little children to fill our time. They have been my steady supporters and friends for decades and I’m so grateful for their association.

Keeping resolutions this year has been difficult. One of my resolutions this year has been to stay connected with the people that matter most in my life. I set up another gathering with some of the girls closest to my age from my ward growing up. It’s amazing how life can take you in so many different directions with little time to catch up. I can’t wait to reconnect.

A Teaspoon of Home

I took the kids to the zoo this week. We go almost weekly because it is one of their favorite places. My three year old literally runs the entire time. Sometimes it results in a nap, which makes the whole trek worth it!

A Teaspoon of Home

My one year old has discovered books! She is always wanting to read them, but this week she started saying “boook” and placing them in my hands to read to her. She’ll hold her little hands in the air to be lifted up onto my lap and together we read and read and read. I think we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom fifty times this week. It literally doesn’t matter the type of book, or even the content, she just loves to read. Nothing makes my teacher heart boom than to see one of my children discover a love for learning and especially reading!

Favorite Pinterest Finds:

Looking on Pinterest, I keep seeing one pan recipes and thought I better give them a try. Seeing how easy it was to make and how much it made—seriously, it made two dinners worth. It wasn’t like one of those one pan meals, took me three! My kids were the biggest fans of this one.

A Teaspoon of Home


Since my husband loves sushi I enjoy finding recipes that would curb his cravings but also be simple to create. This is the perfect compromise. He gets his sushi fix and I get an easier way out. This is definitely a meal we are trying this week!

A Teaspoon of Home


 Now, for all you room moms out there! I have the cutest/easiest Halloween party treat for your kid’s classes. Frost and sprinkle a doughnut and put some Dracula teeth in the center, what does it make? Monster Doughnuts! They even sell those little eye candies on the baking isle at most grocery stores.

A Teaspoon of Home


Hope you enjoy my finds, let me know if there are things I am missing!

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