December 8, 2016

The Legendary Fat Tuesday Crepe Nights

Fat Tuesday Crepe Nights: a tradition of friendships and gathering of people to create a sweet treat.


These crepes are my trademark meal! I began making crepes my first semester in college as a way to meet new people and create a gathering place for friends.

Little did I know then the impact that tradition would have on my future. Over the decade of my single life as an early adult I created over 57,000 crepes, 18 marriages and a multiplicity of friendships.

Crepe Nights by A Teaspoon of Home

Every Tuesday, for five years I hosted a weekly crepe party. I wanted people to feel like they had a safe place where they could meet new people, feel included and be a part of the adventure. We’ve all been in a circle of people and heard about their fabulous weekend, only to sink into sadness because you were not a part of it. I never wanted anyone to feel that way and so every person I met I would invite to my party.

Those crepe nights went from weekly to monthly events where some of my favorite memories and friends developed. In college we named the crepe parties FAT TUESDAY as a silly title for our fun party which over time grew into one of the most well known social gatherings in the Salt Lake Valley.

Crepe Nights by A Teaspoon of Home

For me, these crepe parties helped me reach outside of myself and focus on others. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and my lack of social life. So I created my own source for friendships. To this day those memories are some of the sweetest and happiest times of my life.

Nana's Hot Fudge Sauce by A Teaspoon of Home

I’ve made them for weddings, missionary farewells, baptisms and even art gallery openings. Crepes are a simple dessert that delivers class to any event.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Crepes

Nana’s Hot Fudge Sauce

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