September 16, 2016

Fail proof Rice Crispies

A Teaspoon of HomeI know everyone wants to find the absolute best rice crispy recipe. I’m here to tell you there is not one but I can teach you how to make them amazing every time by using these simple steps.

I think it’s the inconsistency in marshmallows that makes them either great or not. The fluffier the mallows the better but if they are clumpy they’ll still work but take longer to melt.

A Teaspoon of Home

Fail Proof Rice Crispies


  • 1/4 c butter
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1 box of Rice Crispy Cereal
  • (Sprinkles- if desired)


  1. Melt butter in a large stock pot. Add marshmallows and stir continuously until no lumps are present. Slowly add cereal and stir. Add more cereal until the consistency seems about equal parts mallow and cereal. Place in a greased 9x13 pan. Cover with sprinkles and enjoy!

My secret is NOT to follow a recipe. Melt 1/4 c butter in a large stock pot. Add the mallows and stir until no lumps. If you forget to stir you may burn them.

Then slowly add the cereal. This is where I think most batches fail because they add too much cereal. Go slow so that you have more mallow-cereal. If it’s the opposite they will be dry and crunchy rather than gooey.

A Teaspoon of Home

Finally I love to sprinkle them with color to make them a little fancy. I know kids love them but my husband can eat a whole pan by himself. Give them a shot today- your family will thank you later!

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