December 22, 2016

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Christmas morning breakfast: a traditional feast of favorites, sunshine rings, quiche and gingerbread french toast.Christmas Morning Breakfast by A Teaspoon of Home

There is something magical about Christmas morning and the thrill of a child experiencing the magic. Little did I know that the thrill continues as you become a parent and share the magic together.

As a child, I remember tapping on my brother’s wall in hopes that they were awake. One tap back and I knew I could enter and as soon as all the kids were awake we could convince my parents it was time to begin. Santa Clause always delivered his gifts to the basement so we would line up youngest to oldest and head down the stairs to see what treasures we had been given.

My absolute favorite Christmas was when I received my very first American Girl Doll! It was magical. My mom still says that was her favorite Christmas of all as she spent hours making clothes and bedding to go with the doll I would receive. Today I can totally see how special that Christmas would have been for my mother. This year I have created several gifts for my kids that I know will become their favorite things and I can’t wait to see the joy in their faces as they discover their special gifts.

It wasn’t too long after opening our presents that we traveled upstairs with empty tummies to begin our Christmas feast. My mom always set the table in her very best Christmas china. It made us feel like it was the most important meal of the year. It probably was to her because there is nothing better than being surrounded by family on those special days.

After our feast we would all return to the basement to set up or play with our new toys. It was always a day we felt remembered and no matter how much or how little we received we always knew that we were loved.

I hope that this Christmas you can enjoy a feast of family and know that you are remembered and loved.

Christmas Morning Breakfast

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Traditional Christmas Quiche

Gingerbread French Toast Bites

Sunshine Rings

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