November 10, 2016

Birthday Dinners | My Favorite Menu

Birthday Dinners: a favorite family tradition celebrating birthdays with a homemade meal specialized to the birthday person.

Birthday Dinners by A Teaspoon of Home

Growing up I remember looking forward to birthdays because it meant celebrating with the birthday person’s favorite foods. It really didn’t matter who’s birthday it was because it meant it would be something everyone would love! Maybe the fact that there was always a guaranteed dessert had a little something to do with it.

For at least 18 years, my birthday dinners had three staple items: marinated chicken, sour cream potatoes and mud pie. I didn’t care what else my mom put with it, I had to have those three things in the menu. Well this week being my birthday week I thought it appropriate to share my favorite menu with you!

Birthday Dinners by A Teaspoon of Home

Now that I have my own children, I have loved starting this tradition. For my daughter’s first birthday we ate goldfish and watermelon. My son loves chicken nuggets so I made copy cat Chick-fil-a nuggets. Then my husband requests¬†chicken and sweet potatoes, but I still always want my chicken and sour cream potatoes.

Birthday Dinner

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Birthday Dinners by A Teaspoon of Home


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Birthday Dinners

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