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I am a teacher. I’ve spent the last sixteen years teaching children to love to sew and the last seven teaching them to love to learn. I love creating things from smiles, to parties, to quilts.

My greatest accomplishment is becoming a mom and teaching my children to love life and everything it has to offer. I want nothing more than to create memorable tabletop traditions where my children can learn to establish and create lasting relationships.

I love to host and share memories with family and friends through food. During my decade of single life I hosted weekly then monthly crepe parties for friends and strangers alike. I loved bringing others together and creating opportunities to meet new people.

I enjoy traveling, shopping, visiting art galleries, reading and celebrating other’s accomplishments. I am happiest when I am serving others.

I hope that through my blog we can connect through these recipes, the interactions we create and by the food I share from a teaspoon of home.